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G & S Gutter and Power washing Services G & S Gutter and Power washing Services


Our Services

G & S offers solutions to restore our property to look like new, including:


House washing

If your home has dirt or streaks on your vinyl siding, then the Perfect Power Wash team can use our cleaning process to help your home look like new.  We use biodegradable cleaners so you do not have to worry about damage to your landscaping.


Gutter scrubbing

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned in a while, then you are taking a chance that they will back up, potentially causing damage to your home.  Don’t take a chance on doing it yourself and risking a fall off of a wobbly ladder.  Let Perfect Power Wash completely clear out debris from your gutters, then brighten them with a high pressure water spray.


Roof cleaning

You know those black streaks you have seen on your home’s roof?  Those are more than just areas of dirt.  In fact, the “streaks” are limestone-eating algae that are eating away parts of your asphalt shingles.  Perfect Power Wash can quickly remove the algae—eliminating the streaks—and protect your roof’s surface with algaecide.


Deck cleaning and restoration

With Perfect Power Wash’s unique deck washing system, your deck can not only be cleaned, but can be restored to like new condition, even for those with composite decks.


Commercial cleaning

From a strip mall in Gahanna to a healthcare facility in Grandview, every commercial business benefits from a clean exterior. If you are a business owner, then you realize first impressions really do count.  Keeping your facility clean and sanitary not only shows your professionalism, but can really make a difference in your level of sales and reputation.






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